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Activity: Scapular setting: wall angels



A basic scapular setting / stabilizing exercise involving some basic upper arm movements


  • standing upright, back against the wall, spine in a neutral position, shoulders relaxed
  • have the forearms pointing vertically as seen in the diagram, and if comfortably possible with the backs of the forearms (dorsal/extensor surface) also touching the wall
  • keeping the shoulders relaxed, engaging your scapular (shoulder blade) stabilizers (rhomboids, traps, serratus anterior) abduct or lift the arms away from the sides of the body sliding the elbows up the wall
  • always maintain a vertical position of the forearms
  • NOTE: initially only a very small range of motion should be attempted, as the focus isn't the amount of movement, rather the quality or control of the scapula throughout the movement
  • repeat as instructed

    Tags: scapular stabilizer, stabilization, rhomboids, trapezius, traps, serratus anterior, middle, lower, wall angels