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Activity: Ankle invertor (tibialis posterior) stretch with strap



A stretch for the ankle invertors (primarily tibialis posterior) located on the medial or inner aspect of the lower leg, just behind the tibia. Tibialis posterior stabilizes the arch of the foot, the medial foot/ankle and also assists with pushoff.


  • laying supine (face-up), holding both ends of a non-elastic strap
  • hook the center of the strap under the ball of the foot, or just behind the ball of the foot at the front of the arch
  • raise the whole leg keeping it relatively straight, flexing from the hip, but not so far as to stretch the hamstrings (posterior aspect of the thigh)
  • pull up on the ends of the strap to dorsiflex the foot (flex foot upwards)
  • bias the stretch for the tibialis posterior muscle by pulling on the medial or inner strap more than the lateral or outer strap
  • NOTE: the stretch should be felt on the medial or inner aspect of the lower leg and not at the hamstring

Tags: ankle invertor, tibialis posterior, supine, strap, stretch