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Activity: Scapular stability: prone middle fibers trapezius



A scapular setting exercise focused on the scapular retractors, (trapezius, primarily the middle fibers, some rhomboids).


  • laying face down (a towel roll can be placed under the forehead to make breathing easy)
  • with elbows slightly bent, palms face down or forwards, arms raised out to the sides
  • focus on keeping the shoulder blades neutral or slightly depressed throughout the movement (ie: don't bunch the shoulders up towards the ears)
  • raise the arms up towards the ceiling, moving from the shoulders and shoulder blades only
  • return to the start position
  • repeat as instructed

Tags: prone, scapular setting, stability, stabilization, horizontal, raises, retractors, retraction, mid, middle fibers, trapezius, rhomboid, rhomboids, MFT, traps