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Activity: Scapular stability: rows



A basic resisted exercise for the scapular retractors (primarily rhoboids, some trapezius).


  • start standing or seated, spine in a neutral position, hands grasping the resistance apparatus (elastic band/tubing, cable machine, weight machine)
  • shoulder blades should be in a relaxed position, neither elevated towards the ears or overly depressed
  • steadily pull back, feeling the shoulder blades move posteriorly (again neither up nor down)
  • the pull should be felt in the scapular retractors, between the shoulder blades
  • NOTE: common mistakes are over-using the latissmus dorsi (from pulling the elbows down and inwards), the elbow flexors (from pulling the hands upwards, or the upper trapezius (from elevating the shoulder blades)

Tags: rows, rowing, row, scapular retractors, retraction, pulling, pull, shoulder blade, scapula