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Activity: Sciatic nerve mobilization: peroneal bias



A dural stretch or mobilization for the sciatic nerve, biased more for the peroneal portion


NOTE: this exercise should ONLY be done under a health care professionals direction, as helpful as it may be, it is extremely easy to over-do the nerve stretch and exacerbate (worsen) the problem

  • laying on the ground face up, hold on to both ends of a belt or strap, and place the middle of it under the foot
  • only working in the comfortable and painfree range, lift the leg up from the hip, keeping the knee straight, and pulling the belt gently to flex the foot up, also roll the whole leg slightly inwards (ie: toe pointing slightly inwards)
  • the bias for the peroneal nerve comes from pulling strap from the inner part of the foot greater than the outer strap
  • hold the stretch for a few seconds, then relieve the stretch by lessening one element (ie: just unstraighten the knee, OR lessen the flexion on the foot, OR lower the leg)
  • gently add and remove the chosen element, repeating as instructed, again ALWAYS working in the comfortable and painfree range
  • ONLY hold the stretch phase for about 5 seconds or less
one end of the belt in the ends of the belt with each hand

Tags: sciatic nerve, dural stretch, mobilization, flossing, sciatica, mobility, peroneal