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Activity: Active thoracic extension: 4-point kneeling



A strength exercise for the upper thoracic extensors


NOTE: this exercise should only be done if there is adequate shoulder mobility and stability, and there is no significant neck strain. It is a deceivingly difficult exercise.

  • start in a 4-point kneeling position
  • maintain a neutral spine from the neck down to the lower back
  • lift one arm up, bending the shoulder about 45 degrees, elbow bent and palm face up (this is the start position)
  • lift the upper body and arm up by extending from the upper thoracic spine and not from neck, shoulder or arm (ie: the axis of movement is in the upper back, and tension should only be felt in the upper back and nowhere else)
  • return to the start position
  • alternate and repeat as instructed

Tags: upper, thoracic extension, thorax, axial, T-spine, Kurt, erector spinae, longissimus, spinalis, costalis, strength, strengthening, core