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Activity: Posterior sling: 4-point kneeling



A basic spinal stabilization exercise from 4-point kneeling (hands and knees) involving the posterior-sling (latissmus dorsi to opposite gluteus maximus via the thoracolumbar fascia)


  • start in 4-point kneeling (hands and knees), keeping the head, neck and spine in a neutral position
  • lift one leg (behind), together with the opposite arm (to the side of the body), without moving the spine or pelvis
  • hold for up to 5 seconds, and return to the start position
  • repeat as instructed
  • NOTE: the activation of deep abdominal, pelvic and spinal stabilizers can be incorporated, as needed

Tags: spinal stabilizers, stabilization, neutral, airplane, airplanes, hip extension, transversus, glutes, gluteus, lats, latissmus, core, multifidii, multifidus