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Activity: Advanced TFL (tensor fascia lata) stretch



A slightly advanced lateral hip stretch that focuses primarily on the TFL (tensor fascia lata)


NOTE: this is a slightly advanced stretch that may place a lot of stress on the low-back, pelvis and lateral knee. Only perform under this advisement and always work within the painfree range.

  • start standing with the "stretch-side" next to a wall
  • placing the same-side arm against the wall for support, squat down and extend the stretch-side leg behind the opposite leg, with the lateral side of the leg against the floor (as pictured)
  • focus on keeping the pelvis and body upright, and the stretch-side hip extended
  • the stretch should be felt gently at the lateral (outer) aspect of the hip, and possibly down the side of the thigh

Tags: tfl, stretch, stretching, tensor fascia lata, fasciae, latae, ITB, iliotibial band