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Activity: Abdominal wall - ball stretch



An abdominal wall stretch using the physio ball that can be modified to bias for differnt aspects of the abdominal musculature.


NOTE: This stretch may not be safe or appropriate for those with neck issues, spinal instabilities or balance deficits

  • start by sitting on the physio/exercise ball
  • gently lay back on the ball by first moving your hips forward on the ball
  • try to relax your spine over the ball, maintain a gentle curve throughout the spine
  • take care not to strain your neck by holding it up unsupported for too long (ie: either support it on the ball, or with your hands if your mobility does not allow you to rest on the ball).
  • you can bias the stretch for different abdominal wall layers (ie: internal and external obliques) by adding a slight rotation to one side coupled with a slight side-bend to the other side.
  • repeat as instructed.
  • Tags: abdominal, abdominals, wall, ball, stretch, internal, external, oblique, obliques, rectus abdominus