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Activity: Romanian Deadlift - no load



The Romanian Deadlift is an exercise that promtoes the ability to maintain a neutral spine while flexing and extending the hip.


  • start from a standing position, with a neutral spine.
  • weight should be evenly placed between the forefoot and heel, if anything, erring on the side of being a little more posterior.
  • some attention may need to be given to maintaining the arches of the foot
  • flex (bend forward) from the hips, maintaining a neutral spine (ie: not bending at the spine), and allow the pelvis to move backwards.
  • as a guide, the hands should simply hang vertically, and as the hips bend the hands should move down in a vertical line down towards the feet.

Tags: deadlift, dead, lift, romanian, hip hinge, neutral spine, mobility, posterior chain, RDL