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Activity: Rolling: calves



Myofascial release of the calves through use of a cylindrical roller (foam or otherwise) that can be done very easily.


  • start in a long sitting position (legs outstretched in front) with a slight lean back, supporting yourself with your hands
  • place a cylindrical roller (foam or otherwise) underneath the back of one calf (lower leg) while bending the other leg up to provide support.
  • dorsiflex or point the toe upwards to put the calf on a slight stretch
  • maintain a neutral spine during this exercise
  • gently roll back and forth over the roller, applying as much pressure as is comfortable
  • focus on the "tight" aspects of the calf

Tags: roller, rolling, foam, travel, myofascial release, self, calf, calves, gastroc, gastrocnemius, soleus