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Activity: Hip mobility: Internal and external rotation from splits



A dynamic hip mobilization exercise working through internal and external hip rotation with the adductors already at some stretch.


  • stand facing forwards, ensure you are not on a slippery surface or wearing slippery socks or shoes
  • carefully widen your stance to the range where you feel a comfortable stretch on the inner thighs or groin area
  • focus on relaxing the muscles of the inner thigh during this stretch (this can better be achieved by adding support from the arms holding onto something, or by placing a cushion or seat under the pelvis)
  • slowly and gently rotate your pelvis to one direction, allowing one thigh to rotate internally (forwards) while the other thigh rotates externally (backwards)
  • then reverse, or rotate in the opposite direction
  • move back and forth between these positions.
NOTE: this stretch is only appropriate for those who already have a moderate to high level of flexibility, as well as good body control.

Tags: hip mobility, mobilization, dynamic, warmup, adductors, groin, splits, internal, external rotation