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Activity: Quadratus lumborum: side lying



A stretch for the side of the body, more specific to the QL (quadratus lumborum) muscle.


  • start in side lying on a padded bench or treatment table (low to the ground) with the "stretch-side" up.
  • use a pillow to support the head and neck in neutral.
  • flex the hips and knees to 90 degrees, with the ankles crossed.
  • make sure the lower legs are just barely off the side of the bed, ensuring that you are still stable on the bed and at no risk of falling off.
  • gently allow the ankles to drop, using the weight of the lower legs to help tilt the pelvis into a side-bend, providing a stretch on the side of the trunk
  • increase the stretch by reaching the "stretch-side" arm overhead, helping to pull the ribcage away from the pelvis.
NOTE: this exercise should not be done in the presence of more significant back pathology, instability, or simply if the back is very acute or irritable.

Tags: QL, quadratus lumborum, trunk, flank, side, stretch