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Activity: Posterior shoulder fly: elastic resistance



A simple horizontal abduction exercise for the shoulder girdle, focuses on posterior deltoids, mid fibers of trapezius and rhomboids.


    start in a standing position, gently gripping either end of the elastic resitance band, holding the hands at shoulder height, in front of your body.
  • maintain a neutral spine posture throughout the movement.
  • maintain the vertical position of the scapulae (ie: don't shrug or over depress the shoulders).
  • horizontally abduct the shoulders (pull the hands apart with arms straight) until the elastic band almost touches the upper chest.
  • repeat as instructed.

Tags: rotator cuff, shoulder, horizontal abduction, posterior flys, fly, rhomboids, deltoid, deltoids, scapular, glenohumeral, expansion, chest opening, retraction, MFT