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Activity: Thoraco-lumbar dissociation from single leg stance or mini-squat



A progressive exercise introducing thoraco-lumbar dissociation, which is important for spinal stability during many sports and activities


  • start standing on one leg, arms crossed in front of the body, and the knee may be very slightly bent
  • maintain proper alignment with regards to spinal posture, don't let the pelvis drop on the lifted side, and maintain a good foot position.
  • while keeping the lower body still, rotate the upper body from side to side, twisting from the thoracolumbar junction (mid-back region)
  • move within the comfortable limit
  • repeat as instructed
NOTE: This exercise can be progressed by working in different degrees of hip and knee flexion.

Tags: thoracolumbar, thoraco, lumbar, dissociation, TL, rotation, SLS, stance, golf