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Activity: Wrist extension stretch with strap



An assisted wrist extension stretch that minimizes dorsal wrist impingement. This exercise does not work the associated glides of the carpal bones, but instead minimizes the soft tissue approximation that occurs on the dorsum (back) of the wrist.


  • gently place the palm of the hand on a table, but if this position is too difficult, the heel of the hand may be lifted off to a position of comfort for the wrist.
  • place a strap or belt around the back of the wrist and hold the other end in the other hand
  • gently bend the forearm forwards, towards the back of the hand, while also gently pulling on the strap
  • stretch to the comfortable range
  • hold and repeat as instructed

Tags: wrist, extension, DRIS, dorsal, impingement, proximal row, hand