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Activity: Single arm forward press



A single arm forward press or chest press with resistance.


  • standing upright with the elastic or cable resistance behind you at approximately elbow height
  • with the elbow bent, grasp the elastic tubing/band or cable resistance, starting with your hand at one side of the lower ribcage
  • "set" the scapula (shoulder blade), meaning keeping it snug against the ribcage, ie: not winging out from the back
  • ensure the scapula stays at a relatively neutral height, not overly depressed or shrugged up towards the head (however, some elevation is normal movement)
  • push your hand forward against the resistance, staying below shoulder height, and then return to the start position
  • repeat as directed

Tags: shoulder, chest press, bench press, rotator cuff, stability, stabilization, pec, pecs, subscapularis