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Activity: Spinal stability: bridge



Bridge Exercise focusing on the 3 primary groups of spinal stabilizers (transversus abdominus, pelvic floor, multifidii), also incorporating the deep longitudinal system (erector spinae, hamstrings) and glute max


For some situations, there is a need to master TA/pelvic floor/multifidus activation prior to this exercise.

  • laying on back, knees bent, pull up pelvic floor (peeing muscles), pull front hip bones together (TA), pull up posterior pelvic floor muscles, pull back hip bones together (multifidus)
  • hold the above while you gradually come up into a bridge, hold for up to 5 seconds, then lower
  • if you need to reduce hamstring activity, gently press your heels into the floor and away from you (encouraging quadriceps can inhibit hamstrings)
  • use band around thighs to increase gluteus medius activity (if instructed to do so)

Tags: inner unit, core stability, transversus abdominus, pelvic floor, multifidii, bridge