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Activity: Spinal stability: multifidii sitting



Basic exercise for recruitment of the multifidus muscle, a "core" muscle that controls the stability the spine. Multidifudus is a part of the erctor spinae muscles (back extensors) that sit along the spine. It exists alone at the lowest levels, L4-L5-S1


  • start in a tall-sitting position while maintaining a neutral spine
  • extend or "arch", but only from the lowest segments (ie: L4-L5-S1), and not from the rest of the back. From the outside it should appear that you are just sitting taller with a minimal (almost imperceptible) amount of extension from the lowest part of the spine.
  • NOTE: this exercise can aggravate those with more significant listheses (fwd. vertebral slipping)

Tags: spinal, stability, multifidii, multifidus, core, activation, sitting