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Activity: Spinal stability: multifidii standing



Basic exercise for recruitment of the multifidus muscle, a "core" muscle that controls the stability the spine. Multidifudus is a part of the erctor spinae muscles (back extensors) that sit along the spine. It exists alone at the lowest levels, L4-L5-S1


  • start in a standing with the spine maintaining a neutral position
  • press the thumbs gently on either side of the spine (alomst pinching the spinous process in between) at the very lowest part of the low back muscles
  • step forward with one foot, but don't lift the trailing foot
  • the contraction or tensing of the multifidii muscles should be felt under the thumbs as weight is shifted onto the forward leg
  • find the transition area by rocking back and forth just around the point where these muscles "kick-in". Focusing on this contraction will increase familiarity with what it feels like and make it's recruitment easier.
  • eventually, isometric contraction of multifidii should be possible in any position, without any obvious movement from the lower spine.

Tags: spinal, stability, multifidii, multifidus, core, activation, standing, rocking