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Activity: Pelvic asymmetry self correction: for poster rotation



A self corrective exercise specifically for a posteriorly rotated inominate


    Pelvic asymmetries are relatively common, and may either be structural (unchanging) or as a result of muscle imbalance (tight, dominant muscles pulling the spine, hip and pelvis). The amount of movement at the sacroiliac (SI) joint is small, and in some people non-existent. This exercise can be used to help pull one side of the pelvis out of posterior rotation.
  • standing (with your back up against a wall for balance, if needed) raise the affected-side knee up to waist height and place both hands on top of the knee
  • while applying a downwards resistance with the hands, apply an equal force up with the knee. hold firm resistance for 5-6 sec)
  • now relax and extend the affected-side leg behind into a shallow lunge position, gently pushing the hips forawrd. (hold this stretch for 20-30 sec)
  • repeat as instructed

Tags: pelvic, asymmetry, obliquity, self, correction, pelvis, alignment