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Activity: Single-leg knee drive: hip abductors, flexors & extensors



An excellent functional exercise focused on hip stability, hip abductors (especially posterior fibers of gluteus medius) and hip flexors and extensors


  • standing on one leg (may be on a slightly raised surface) in a slightly crouched, athletic ready-position
  • engage your spinal stabilizers, release sit bones/deep hip muscles
  • engage glutes, keep spine neutral and pelvis level throughout exercise
  • drive the knee of the lifted leg up and forward by flexing that hip, while extending the stance-leg hip into an upright position
  • return to the start position
  • NOTE: although this exercise may seem easy, maintaining proper stability and performing a refined movement can be quite difficult. When not performed correctly you may be further compounding faulty movement patterns that lead to injury

Tags: glute, med, knee, drive, gluteus, deadlift, squat