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Activity: Single-leg knee drive: calf & achilles



An excellent functional exercise for later stages of calf and achilles tendon rehabilitation. It may be wise to master the basic knee-drive exercise first to ensure adequate hip stability is present.


  • standing with one leg forward and the other leg back, in a slightly crouched, athletic ready-position.
  • engage your spinal stabilizers, release sit bones/deep hip muscles
  • engage glutes, keep spine neutral and pelvis level throughout exercise
  • rolling off the rear foot (gradually loading the calf and achilles), drive the knee up and forwards by flexing the hip, while extending the stance-leg hip into an upright position
  • return to the start position
  • NOTE: it is easy to overload the calf and achilles during this exercise, so care must be taken to start very gradually (feet closer together, slower speed, more gradual loading) and later progress to a more dynamic exercise involving more eccentris load

Tags: achilles, tendon, calf, eccentric, gastroc, soleus, gastrocnemius