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Activity: Iliotibial (IT) band rolling



A self myofascial release technique for the iliotibial (IT) band, using the roller (foam or otherwise)


  • NOTE: this technique can be too painful for some, and also requires adequate shoulder strength and mobility
  • laying on the side to be released, prop-up on the floor-side elbow and the ceiling-side foot, as pictured in the diagram.
  • place the roller (foam or other type)on the floor and underneath the IT band. The roller should be perpendicular to the fibers of the IT band (see diagram)
  • control the amount of pressure on the IT band by supporting the weight through the suppoert elbow and foot.
  • roll the lateral thigh up and down, avoiding pressure on the bony protuberances (ie: at the hip and the side of the knee)

Tags: IT band, rolling, iliotibial, band, ITB