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Activity: Shoulder & scapular stability



basic scapular and shoulder stabilization exercise using a small ball


  • standing upright, gently press a soft, small ball (anywhere from a tennis ball to basketball size) into the wall (with the ball at shoulder height or lower)
  • "set" the scapula (shoulder blade), meaning keeping it snug against the ribcage, ie: not winging out from the back
  • ensure the scapula stays at a relatively neutral height, not overly depressed or shrugged up towards the head
  • maintaining the "set" of the scapula, move the arm and hand in circular motions while maintaining pressure on the ball draw letters, numbers, circular movements
  • NOTE: the height of the hand and the amount of pressure is totally dependent on the type and extent of injury

Tags: shoulder, scapular, stabilization, control, stability, rotator cuff