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Activity: Anterior compartment of leg stretch: kneeling



A kneeling stretch for the muscles of the anterior compartment (tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus)


  • kneeling on the floor (soft surface, ie: mat) with the toes pointed out behind you
  • ensure good alignment with the thighs resting straight on top of the lower legs
  • if the muscles of the anterior compartment are too tight, a small towel roll can be placed on the floor under the front of the ankles
  • emphasis can be placed on the toe extensor muscles by curling the toes upwards
  • NOTE: this exercise may be too difficult and detrimental to those with certain knee injuries or immobility

Tags: shin, longus, stretch, tibialis anterior, tib ant, extensor digitorum, extensor hallucis, anterior compartment