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Activity: Anterior sling: supine with ball



A very effective ball exercise for core stabilization involving the anterior sling system (obliques and hip adductors))


  • laying supine (face-up) on floor
  • pull up pelvic floor (peeing muscles), pull front hip bones together (TA), pull up posterior pelvic floor muscles, pull back hip bones together (multifidus)
  • with the legs and arms lifted off the floor, hold an exercise ball between the hands and knees
  • lift opposite arm and leg away from the ball, maintaining a neutral spine position throughout
  • NOTE: with certain spine conditions or injuries, full leg extension away from the ball can be strenuous, so simply maintain a bent knee while lifting away
  • hold up to 6 seconds, then alternate

Tags: core, stabilization, stability, ball, anterior sling, obliques, oblique, hip adductors, adductor, dead bug, deadbug