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Activity: Arch engagement: basic



A basic activation exercise for the muscles controlling the arch and stabilization of the foot (tibialis posterior, deep intrinsic flexors, etc.). This is a good exercise for those who over-pronate (falling arches), as well as hose who simply have poor d


  • standing with feet shoulder width apart, imagine you are lifting the medial (inside) arch of your foot away from the floor
  • maintain alignment of the hips and knees, only the raising of the arch should be seen
  • (DO NOT excessively rotate your lower legs outwards)
  • this exercise can be done with repetitions of 6-second holds, or held for a longer duration (later incorporated into the background of other
  • repeat as instructed

Tags: arch, engagement, engage, recruitment, activation, tib post, tibialis posterior, anterior, flexors, medial longitudinal