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Activities tagged: adductor


Hip adductor stretch: sitting

basic hip adductor (groin) stretch , which puts a slightly greater emphasis on the deeper or posterior adductor muscles

Tags: groin, hip, adductor, stretch, lotus


Hip adductor stretch: standing

A basic groin (hip adductor muscles) stretch in standing that can be modified to place emphasis on different muscles of th adductor group

Tags: groin, hip, adductor, stretch


Anterior sling: supine with ball

A very effective ball exercise for core stabilization involving the anterior sling system (obliques and hip adductors))

Tags: core, stabilization, stability, ball, anterior sling, obliques, oblique, hip adductors, adductor, dead bug, deadbug


Splits: center

A hip adductor stretch that can be very effective, but only to be done with great care and attention. This stretch may not be appropriate for many people.

Tags: adductor, groin, splits, stretch, hip adductors