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Activities tagged: brevis


Peroneal stretch: standing

A simple stretch for the peroneal muscles (peroneus longus & brevis) on the lateral aspect of the lower leg.)

Tags: peroneal, peroneals, peroneus longus, brevis, standing, ankle evertor, evertors, stretch


Ankle evertor (peroneal) stretch with strap

A stretch for the ankle evertors located on the lateral or outer aspect of the lower leg. Namely peroneus longus and brevis (muscles that stabilize the foot/ankle laterally and assist with pushoff)peroneus longus, peroneus brevis)

Tags: peroneal, peroneals, peroneus longus, brevis, strap, supine, ankle evertor, evertors, stretch, calf


Side-stepping: lateral foot resistance

A lateral movement exercise focusing on lateral pelvic stability and lateral foot stability. The hip abductors (primarily gluteus medius) and the lateral foot stabilizers (peroneus longus, brevis and tertius).

Tags: lateral movement, side stepping, step, gluteus medius, peroneus longus, brevis, tertius, crabwalk, crab


Calf stretch: gastrocnemius focus

Calf stretch focusing on the gastrocs, or gastrocnemius muscle. This is sometimes referred to as the "runner's stretch".

Tags: calf, gastrocs, gastrocnemius, stretch, runners stretch, gastroc, tibialis posterior, peroneals, peroneus longus, brevis


Ankle eversion

A basic exercise to strengthen eversion, or outwards turning, of the ankle/foot.

Tags: ankle, foot, eversion, resistance, elastic, band, theraband, peroneal, perosneus longus, brevis, tertius