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Activities tagged: calf


Calf stretch: gastrocnemius focus

Calf stretch focusing on the gastrocs, or gastrocnemius muscle. This is sometimes referred to as the "runner's stretch".

Tags: calf, gastrocs, gastrocnemius, stretch, runners stretch, gastroc, tibialis posterior, peroneals, peroneus longus, brevis


Calf stretch: soleus focus

A simple calf stretch with the focus on the soleus muscle.

Tags: calf, soleus, stretch


Calf raise

A basic calf and achilles strengthening exercise

Tags: calf, raise, gastroc, soleus, achilles


Single-leg knee drive: calf & achilles

An excellent functional exercise for later stages of calf and achilles tendon rehabilitation. It may be wise to master the basic knee-drive exercise first to ensure adequate hip stability is present.

Tags: achilles, tendon, calf, eccentric, gastroc, soleus, gastrocnemius


Calf Stretch: gastrocnemius focus (supine)

A simple stretch for the calf, focused more on the gastrocnemius muscle, good for those who can't fully weight bear on their leg

Tags: calf, stretch, calves, gastroc, gastrocnemius, supine


Calf stretch: soleus focus (supine)

A simple stretch for the calf, (focused more on the soleus, tibialis posterior and long toe flexors), good for those who are unable to fully weight bear on their leg.

Tags: calf, stretch, calves, soleus, deep, supine


Ankle evertor (peroneal) stretch with strap

A stretch for the ankle evertors located on the lateral or outer aspect of the lower leg. Namely peroneus longus and brevis (muscles that stabilize the foot/ankle laterally and assist with pushoff)peroneus longus, peroneus brevis)

Tags: peroneal, peroneals, peroneus longus, brevis, strap, supine, ankle evertor, evertors, stretch, calf


Rolling: calves

Myofascial release of the calves through use of a cylindrical roller (foam or otherwise) that can be done very easily.

Tags: roller, rolling, foam, travel, myofascial release, self, calf, calves, gastroc, gastrocnemius, soleus