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Activities tagged: elbow


Wrist extensor stretch: general

A simple, non-specific stretch for the wrist extensors as a group. This stretch is sometimes a part of tennis elbow treatment.

Tags: stretch, wrist, extensor, tennis, elbow, CEO, common extensor origin


Wrist flexor stretch: general

A simple stretch for the wrist flexors which originate from the medial elbow.

Tags: stretch, wrist, flexor, golfer, elbow, CFO


Elbow extension stretch: passive

A self-administered passive stretch into elbow extension. This stretch is not effective for a normally functioning elbow, but is instead used in cases of lost mobility.

Tags: elbow, humeroulnar, extension, mobility, mobilization, passive, stretch


Elbow flexion: gapping technique

An elbow flexion self-stretch that involves a gentle gapping movement of the radioulnar and humeroulnar joint

Tags: elbow, passive, gapping, traction, radioulnar, humeroulnar, flexion, bend, bending, radial head