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Activities tagged: foot


Single leg stance

A very basic single-leg stability exercise

Tags: single, leg, 1, stance, stability, stabilization, balance, proprioception, foot, OLS


Ankle inversion

A basic exercise to strengthen inversion, or inwards turning, of the ankle/foot.

Tags: ankle, foot, inversion, elastic, theraband, tibialis posterior, sprain


Ankle eversion

A basic exercise to strengthen eversion, or outwards turning, of the ankle/foot.

Tags: ankle, foot, eversion, resistance, elastic, band, theraband, peroneal, perosneus longus, brevis, tertius


Squat on a less stable surface

A stability exercise for the hip, knee, foot and ankle. This exercise requires masteray of the basic squat exercise first.

Tags: squat, BOSU, cushion, balance, ankle, sprain, instability, foot