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Activities tagged: glenohumeral


Shoulder flexion with open chest

A basic exercise to retrain shoulder flexion or arm elevation with decreased glenohumeral compression and subacromial impingement

Tags: shoulder, flexion, elevation, impingement, glenohumeral, centering, seating


Wall slides: Assisted arm elevation

A simple mobility exercise for arm elevation while using the wall to help take up some of the weight of the upper extremity.

Tags: wall slide, slides, shoulder, frozen, adhesive, capsulitis, rotator cuff, glenohumeral, scapulothoracic, shower, scapula


Throwing: elastic resistance

A resitance exercise for the basic overhead throwing exercise.

Tags: pitch, throw throws, overhead, throwing, internal rotation, shoulder, glenohumeral, abduction, rotator cuff


Posterior shoulder fly: elastic resistance

A simple horizontal abduction exercise for the shoulder girdle, focuses on posterior deltoids, mid fibers of trapezius and rhomboids.

Tags: rotator cuff, shoulder, horizontal abduction, posterior flys, fly, rhomboids, deltoid, deltoids, scapular, glenohumeral, expansion, chest opening, retraction, MFT