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Activities tagged: glutes



A simple step-up exercise with the focus on the posterior chain (glutes & hamstrings).

Tags: posterior chain, single leg, glutes, hamstrings


Posterior sling: 4-point kneeling

A basic spinal stabilization exercise from 4-point kneeling (hands and knees) involving the posterior-sling (latissmus dorsi to opposite gluteus maximus via the thoracolumbar fascia)

Tags: spinal stabilizers, stabilization, neutral, airplane, airplanes, hip extension, transversus, glutes, gluteus, lats, latissmus, core, multifidii, multifidus


Rolling: glutes and piriformis

A self myofascial release technique for the posterior aspect of the hip (glutes, piriformis and other external rotators)

Tags: myofascial, release, self, rolling, roller, foam, travel, glutes, gluteus maximus, minimus, medius, piriformis, posterior hip


Spinal stability: bridge, isolated from other core muscles

A basic bridge exercise working on posterior chain muscles (glutes, hamstrings, spinal extensors)

Tags: core stability, transversus abdominus, bridge, glutes, posterior chain, hamstrings, neutral spine