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Activities tagged: iliopsoas


Hip flexor stretch

The basic full hip flexor stretch targeting iliopsoas (iliacus and psoas)

Tags: stretch, hip flexor, iliopsoas, psoas


High plank: knee-drive

An advanced plank exercise also incorporating hip extensor and flexor control. This exercises may not be appropriate for those with specific shoulder weakness or problems.

Tags: plank, advanced, hip flexion, extension, spinal stability, scapular, core, multifidii, transversus, hip flexor, iliopsoas, multifidus, erector spinae


Combined hip flexor stretch (rectus femoris & iliopsoas)

A more involved stretch focusing on all the hip-flexor muscles.

Tags: hip flexor, psoas, iliacus, iliopsoas, stretch, cushion


Hip flexor stretch: shallow

A very basic standing hip flexor stretch in the early range only

Tags: hip flexor, stretch, iliacus, psoas, standing, shallow, iliopsoas