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Activities tagged: neck


Upper fiber trapezius stretch

A simple stretch that focuses on the upper fibers of the trapezius muscle.

Tags: neck, upper back, cervical, trapezius, traps, stretch, UFT


Levator scapulae stretch

A simple stretch for the levator scapulae muscle. This muscle is often found to be chronically tight, and is know to be reactive in cases of neural tension.

Tags: neck, upper back, cervical, levator scapulae, levator scap, stretch, LS


Chin tuck

A simple stretch or mobilization for the neck, reduces forward shear of the vertebrae.

Tags: chin, tuck, suboccipital, neck, stretch


Chin tuck with nod: deep neck flexor strengthening

A simple mobilization for the upper neck, reduces forward shear of the vertebrae and strengthens the deep neck flexors in the upper cervical region.

Tags: chin, tuck, nod, deep neck flexors, neck


Scalenes stretch

A specific stretch for a small group of triangular musles at the base of the neck

Tags: scalenes, scalene, stretch, neck, cervical, first rib, 1st


Neck mobility: cervical rotation

Simple active neck rotation, which involves the cervical and upper thoracic spine

Tags: neck, cervical, cervicothoracic, mobility, active, range, rotation, turning