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Activities tagged: squat


Tall kneeling squat

A modified squat exercise focused on proper hip control which will aid regular squat exercises as well.

Tags: squat, kneeling, hip control


One-leg squat

One leg squat to developp proper hip control, untilizing the lateral stabilizers of the hip. This is important for running, especially during heelstrike.

Tags: squat, one leg, hip control, gluteus medius


BOSU jump squats

Advanced squat exercise involving stabilizers from the trunk and lower extremities

Tags: squat, BOSU, jump


Squat with hip control

Proper squat exercise

Tags: squat, hip control, hinge, squats


Single-leg knee drive: hip abductors, flexors & extensors

An excellent functional exercise focused on hip stability, hip abductors (especially posterior fibers of gluteus medius) and hip flexors and extensors

Tags: glute, med, knee, drive, gluteus, deadlift, squat


Single-leg mini-squat

Single-leg squat exercise.

Tags: squat, mini, minisquat, hip control, hinge, squats, one leg, 1, single, SLS


Squat on a less stable surface

A stability exercise for the hip, knee, foot and ankle. This exercise requires masteray of the basic squat exercise first.

Tags: squat, BOSU, cushion, balance, ankle, sprain, instability, foot