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Activities tagged: standing


Standing quad stretch

A quick and simple quadrcieps stretch that requires you to balance on one leg.

Tags: standing, quad, quadriceps, stretch, quads


Standing quad stretch: rectus femoris focus

A quick and simple quadrcieps stretch that requires you to balance on one leg. This variation allows focus on the rectus femoris muscle.

Tags: standing, quad, quadriceps, rectus femoris, stretch, quads


Spinal stability: multifidii standing

Basic exercise for recruitment of the multifidus muscle, a "core" muscle that controls the stability the spine. Multidifudus is a part of the erctor spinae muscles (back extensors) that sit along the spine. It exists alone at the lowest levels, L4-L5-S1

Tags: spinal, stability, multifidii, multifidus, core, activation, standing, rocking


TFL stretch: standing

Standing stretch for the TFL (tensor fasciae latae).

Tags: tfl, stretch, standing, hip, fascia, tensor fasciae latae


Proximal hamstring stretch

An often overlooked stretch focusing on the proximal (upper) aspect of the hamstrings (biceps femoris, semi-membranosus/tendinosus) as well as glute max.

Tags: hamstring, hamstrings, proximal, stretch, standing, upper, biceps femoris, semi-membranosus, tendinosus, glute max, gluteus maximus


Peroneal stretch: standing

A simple stretch for the peroneal muscles (peroneus longus & brevis) on the lateral aspect of the lower leg.)

Tags: peroneal, peroneals, peroneus longus, brevis, standing, ankle evertor, evertors, stretch


Biceps brachii stretch

A simple elbow flexor stretch focused on the biceps brachii

Tags: elbow flexor, biceps brachii, brachialis, standing, stretch


Resisted terminal knee extension: standing

A basic resisted terminal knee extension exercise for the quadriceps (vastus lateralus, intermedius, medialis, rectus femoris).)

Tags: quads, quadriceps, ball, wall, knee extension, resisted, standing


Hip flexor stretch: shallow

A very basic standing hip flexor stretch in the early range only

Tags: hip flexor, stretch, iliacus, psoas, standing, shallow, iliopsoas