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Activities tagged: supine


Supine hamstring stretch

The most restful way to stretch the hamstring muscles (biceps femoris, semi-membranosus, semi-tendinosus).

Tags: supine, stretch, hamstring, hamstrings


Ankle evertor (peroneal) stretch with strap

A stretch for the ankle evertors located on the lateral or outer aspect of the lower leg. Namely peroneus longus and brevis (muscles that stabilize the foot/ankle laterally and assist with pushoff)peroneus longus, peroneus brevis)

Tags: peroneal, peroneals, peroneus longus, brevis, strap, supine, ankle evertor, evertors, stretch, calf


Ankle invertor (tibialis posterior) stretch with strap

A stretch for the ankle invertors (primarily tibialis posterior) located on the medial or inner aspect of the lower leg, just behind the tibia. Tibialis posterior stabilizes the arch of the foot, the medial foot/ankle and also assists with pushoff.

Tags: ankle invertor, tibialis posterior, supine, strap, stretch


Calf Stretch: gastrocnemius focus (supine)

A simple stretch for the calf, focused more on the gastrocnemius muscle, good for those who can't fully weight bear on their leg

Tags: calf, stretch, calves, gastroc, gastrocnemius, supine


Calf stretch: soleus focus (supine)

A simple stretch for the calf, (focused more on the soleus, tibialis posterior and long toe flexors), good for those who are unable to fully weight bear on their leg.

Tags: calf, stretch, calves, soleus, deep, supine