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Activities tagged: tibialis posterior


Arch engagement: basic

A basic activation exercise for the muscles controlling the arch and stabilization of the foot (tibialis posterior, deep intrinsic flexors, etc.). This is a good exercise for those who over-pronate (falling arches), as well as hose who simply have poor d

Tags: arch, engagement, engage, recruitment, activation, tib post, tibialis posterior, anterior, flexors, medial longitudinal


Ankle invertor (tibialis posterior) stretch with strap

A stretch for the ankle invertors (primarily tibialis posterior) located on the medial or inner aspect of the lower leg, just behind the tibia. Tibialis posterior stabilizes the arch of the foot, the medial foot/ankle and also assists with pushoff.

Tags: ankle invertor, tibialis posterior, supine, strap, stretch


Calf stretch: gastrocnemius focus

Calf stretch focusing on the gastrocs, or gastrocnemius muscle. This is sometimes referred to as the "runner's stretch".

Tags: calf, gastrocs, gastrocnemius, stretch, runners stretch, gastroc, tibialis posterior, peroneals, peroneus longus, brevis


Ankle inversion

A basic exercise to strengthen inversion, or inwards turning, of the ankle/foot.

Tags: ankle, foot, inversion, elastic, theraband, tibialis posterior, sprain