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Calf raise

A basic calf and achilles strengthening exercise

Tags: calf, raise, gastroc, soleus, achilles


Sub-talar joint: self mobilization

A gentle self-mobilization for the subtalar joint of the ankle

Tags: subtalar, inversion, eversion, self, mob, mobilization


Talocrural joint: stretch to avoid anterior impingement

Ankle dorsiflexion (upwards flexion) stretch that minimizes anterior joint compression and capsular impingement.

Tags: talocrural, ankle, anterior capsule, impingement, dorsiflexion


Posterior gluteus medius: stretch

A basic stretch for the posterior fibers of gluteus medius

Tags: posterior, glute, med, gluteus, medius, stretch


Pelvic asymmetry self correction: for anterior rotation

A self corrective exercise specifically for an anteriorly rotated inominate

Tags: pelvic, asymmetry, obliquity, alignment, pelvis, self, correction


Pelvic asymmetry self correction: for poster rotation

A self corrective exercise specifically for a posteriorly rotated inominate

Tags: pelvic, asymmetry, obliquity, self, correction, pelvis, alignment


Standing pec minor stretch

A simple, effective stretch for the pectoralis minor muscle. This muscle is commonly found shortened and is directly related to upper extremity dysfunction.

Tags: pec, minor, stretch, pectoralis, pecs


Single-leg knee drive: hip abductors, flexors & extensors

An excellent functional exercise focused on hip stability, hip abductors (especially posterior fibers of gluteus medius) and hip flexors and extensors

Tags: glute, med, knee, drive, gluteus, deadlift, squat


Single-leg knee drive: calf & achilles

An excellent functional exercise for later stages of calf and achilles tendon rehabilitation. It may be wise to master the basic knee-drive exercise first to ensure adequate hip stability is present.

Tags: achilles, tendon, calf, eccentric, gastroc, soleus, gastrocnemius


Iliotibial (IT) band rolling

A self myofascial release technique for the iliotibial (IT) band, using the roller (foam or otherwise)

Tags: IT band, rolling, iliotibial, band, ITB


Wrist extensor stretch: general

A simple, non-specific stretch for the wrist extensors as a group. This stretch is sometimes a part of tennis elbow treatment.

Tags: stretch, wrist, extensor, tennis, elbow, CEO, common extensor origin


Wrist flexor stretch: general

A simple stretch for the wrist flexors which originate from the medial elbow.

Tags: stretch, wrist, flexor, golfer, elbow, CFO


Sitting hamstring stretch

A common hamstring stretch, which can be very effective if done properly

Tags: stretch, runner's, hamstring, sitting, hamstrings


Hip adductor stretch: sitting

basic hip adductor (groin) stretch , which puts a slightly greater emphasis on the deeper or posterior adductor muscles

Tags: groin, hip, adductor, stretch, lotus


Hip adductor stretch: standing

A basic groin (hip adductor muscles) stretch in standing that can be modified to place emphasis on different muscles of th adductor group

Tags: groin, hip, adductor, stretch


Shoulder & scapular stability

basic scapular and shoulder stabilization exercise using a small ball

Tags: shoulder, scapular, stabilization, control, stability, rotator cuff


Wrist: self-traction

A gentle distraction or traction for the carpal (wrist) joints)

Tags: traction, distraction, wrist, carpus, carpal, stretch


Scalenes stretch

A specific stretch for a small group of triangular musles at the base of the neck

Tags: scalenes, scalene, stretch, neck, cervical, first rib, 1st


Shoulder stabilization: in flexion

basic scapular and shoulder stabilization exercise using elastic or cable resistance

Tags: scapular, shoulder, stability, stabilzation, numbers, setting, cuff, rotator


Shoulder external rotation: basic

A very basic strengthening exercise for the external (outward) rotators of the shoulder

Tags: shoulder, stability, stabilization, external, rotation, rotators, teres, minor, infraspinatus, disco, cuff