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Neck mobility: cervical rotation

Simple active neck rotation, which involves the cervical and upper thoracic spine

Tags: neck, cervical, cervicothoracic, mobility, active, range, rotation, turning


Active upper thoracic extension, dissociation

A dissociation exercise for the thoracic spine, separating the upper half of the thorax from the lower half.

Tags: thorax, thoracic, extension, upper, dissociation, axial, intrathoracic, can opener


Shoulder flexion with open chest

A basic exercise to retrain shoulder flexion or arm elevation with decreased glenohumeral compression and subacromial impingement

Tags: shoulder, flexion, elevation, impingement, glenohumeral, centering, seating


Advanced TFL (tensor fascia lata) stretch

A slightly advanced lateral hip stretch that focuses primarily on the TFL (tensor fascia lata)

Tags: tfl, stretch, stretching, tensor fascia lata, fasciae, latae, ITB, iliotibial band


Wall slides: Assisted arm elevation

A simple mobility exercise for arm elevation while using the wall to help take up some of the weight of the upper extremity.

Tags: wall slide, slides, shoulder, frozen, adhesive, capsulitis, rotator cuff, glenohumeral, scapulothoracic, shower, scapula


Abdominal wall - ball stretch

An abdominal wall stretch using the physio ball that can be modified to bias for differnt aspects of the abdominal musculature.

Tags: abdominal, abdominals, wall, ball, stretch, internal, external, oblique, obliques, rectus abdominus


Romanian Deadlift - no load

The Romanian Deadlift is an exercise that promtoes the ability to maintain a neutral spine while flexing and extending the hip.

Tags: deadlift, dead, lift, romanian, hip hinge, neutral spine, mobility, posterior chain, RDL


Toe splaying

a simple exercise to relax the intrinsic muscles of the foot, as well as increasing mobility of the foot. It works towards "fanning" and pronation of the foot, but can be used while maintaing an arch

Tags: toe splay, rigid foot, spreading, fanning


Lat stretch: Gas Pedal

A simple and effective stretch for latissmus dorsi, only to be done in the absence of conflicting back issues.

Tags: latissmus dorsi, lats, lat, gas pedal


Rolling: Hamstrings

Myofascial release for the hamstrings (biceps femoris, semimebranosus, semitendinosus) using a cylindrical roller.

Tags: rolling, roller, hamstring, foam, travel, myofascial release, self, biceps femoris, semimembranosus, semitendinosus


Rolling: calves

Myofascial release of the calves through use of a cylindrical roller (foam or otherwise) that can be done very easily.

Tags: roller, rolling, foam, travel, myofascial release, self, calf, calves, gastroc, gastrocnemius, soleus


Splits: center

A hip adductor stretch that can be very effective, but only to be done with great care and attention. This stretch may not be appropriate for many people.

Tags: adductor, groin, splits, stretch, hip adductors


Hip mobility: Internal and external rotation from splits

A dynamic hip mobilization exercise working through internal and external hip rotation with the adductors already at some stretch.

Tags: hip mobility, mobilization, dynamic, warmup, adductors, groin, splits, internal, external rotation


Rolling: glutes and piriformis

A self myofascial release technique for the posterior aspect of the hip (glutes, piriformis and other external rotators)

Tags: myofascial, release, self, rolling, roller, foam, travel, glutes, gluteus maximus, minimus, medius, piriformis, posterior hip


Quadratus lumborum: side lying

A stretch for the side of the body, more specific to the QL (quadratus lumborum) muscle.

Tags: QL, quadratus lumborum, trunk, flank, side, stretch


Rolling: quadriceps

A self myofascial release technique for the anterior aspect of the thigh or quadriceps muscle group.

Tags: myofascial release, quadriceps, quads, rolling, vastus intermedius, medialus, lateralus, rectus femoris, roller, foam, travel


Ankle inversion

A basic exercise to strengthen inversion, or inwards turning, of the ankle/foot.

Tags: ankle, foot, inversion, elastic, theraband, tibialis posterior, sprain


Ankle eversion

A basic exercise to strengthen eversion, or outwards turning, of the ankle/foot.

Tags: ankle, foot, eversion, resistance, elastic, band, theraband, peroneal, perosneus longus, brevis, tertius


Drop squat

A good eccentric, functional weight-bearing exercise that places additional load on the elsatic (tendinous) aspects of the connective tissue. This exercise should only be done when apropriate, and only after a regular squat exercise has been maste

Tags: drop squat, squats, hip hinge, eccentric, patellar, quadricep, quads, tendon, functional


Throwing: elastic resistance

A resitance exercise for the basic overhead throwing exercise.

Tags: pitch, throw throws, overhead, throwing, internal rotation, shoulder, glenohumeral, abduction, rotator cuff